The Challenge

Fund managers control billions of pounds for UK investors but with so much choice on offer how to position Edge Investment Management as the go-to specialist fund manager for the creative sector?

The Strategy

With a highly experienced team behind the organisation, Gong’s approach was to focus on depth of expertise, specifically that of founder and CEO David Glick, and to create a tailor-made media programme whereby Gong wrote and placed a series of op-eds in key publications aimed at retail investors. The programme was painstakingly designed for maximum exposure requiring minimum input from a time constrained CEO.

The Outcome

Opinion pieces appeared in the Daily Mail, Investment Advisor, Money Observer and the Huffington Post. The latter op-ed secured over 73,000 impressions and was re-tweeted by the CBI, a target influencer for Edge, to all its members. Thus reinforcing the positioning of Edge as the obvious and respected choice when it comes to investing in creative industries.