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In an increasingly fragmented industry, Gong provides a fully integrated approach to communications by offering the full spectrum of PR, marketing and creative advice and implementation. We combine clever ideas, sound judgement and flawless delivery to best serve our clients and support their business goals. Read more.

News & Blogs

Girl Power shone brightly at Economist Energy Summit 2015

A young female delegate at the Economist Energy Summit on 4th and 5th November was overheard to remark that the audience in the room was unusually diverse. Read more.

From inception to opening: Building Nairobi Garden City

Managing a mixed-use real estate development on the scale of Garden City means dealing with a complex community of suppliers. Read more.

Collective Genius

Challenger brands and innovation often go hand in hand. But how easy is it to break into a mainstream category like yoghurt in the UK when it is dominated by major organisations like Muller and Danone? Read more.

Case studies

Convening thought leaders: Olam’s Portfolio of Perspectives

To celebrate Olam’s 25th year, Gong developed a ‘Portfolio of Perspectives’, an anthology of short essays from business leaders and other visionary thinkers on the macro issues linked to global food security. Read more.

Raising the profile of a serial technology entrepreneur: Njeri Rionge

Back in 2011, Gong met Njeri Rionge, the Kenyan entrepreneur who brought low cost internet to East Africa when she founded Wananchi. Read more.

Fixing the science of economics

Many authors have written about the failure of economic theory, but best-selling financial author, economist and Gong client George Cooper has found an original solution on how to fix both economic theory and the economies of the world. Read more.


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“To reach our target audience, we’ve had to really punch above our weight. Gong has delivered the holy grail in terms of media coverage that makes a measurable difference to the development of an early stage company.”
Adam Sodowick, Entrepreneur,
Fifty Lessons, True Office