Food security is among the 10 biggest challenges facing the world today, according to the World Economic Forum. With the spotlight on ending hunger, the UN has made the promotion of sustainable agriculture, achieving food security and improving nutrition the second of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

We understand that today’s environment doesn’t just call for more to be grown to meet the food requirements of nine billion people in the next decade, but that that food is produced and delivered from field to the plate responsibly, in a way that supports livelihoods today, whilst mindful of the needs of tomorrow.

Climate change, disease, water shortages and building sustainable supply chains are some of the challenges our agriculture and food clients are addressing. Our international mixed-specialty teams are telling those important stories, ensuring that our clients’ focus on finding sustainable solutions to production and supply chain challenges is heard at the right time by the right people.

Our experience includes:

  • Corporate communications and reputation management for a listed agri-business
  • Launching of a new global food security prize
  • Building a social media strategy and presence among key stakeholder audiences
  • Media relations for research on the social impacts of female employment at processing plants in emerging markets
  • The launch of a new beverage for one of the world’s leading food manufacturers
  • Launch of a new insurance product for African farmers using satellites to monitor forage and support claims


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