With new technologies and innovation continuing to shake up the way we look at health and well-being today, Gong supports a range of healthcare clients as they navigate the shifting landscape. Working in partnership, we communicate their positive impact on individuals, groups and economies whilst highlighting some of the challenges facing the sector, particularly in the developing world. We connect health specialists with healthcare providers and the people they serve, through clear and selective communications. Using our long-term expertise in emerging markets and international development, particularly in Africa, we’re able to provide an unrivalled service to global health organisations.

Gong has worked for integrative healthcare service providers, as well as leading global health organisations.

Our experience includes:

  • Building an international profile for a global health organisation as a go-to expert in its field
  • Maximising speaker opportunities at innovation and health-related conferences and events
  • Media relations around a global health organisation’s involvement during the World Economic Forum
  • Raising awareness around an underreported, but devastating global health issue
  • Building a social media strategy to engage a wide range of health issue stakeholders
  • Positioning a health-tech company as a thought-leader and trusted partner to key audiences
  • Organising research and whitepaper development on issues, including healthcare technology
  • Corporate brand development and reputation building for a health and care service provider
  • Developing stakeholder toolkits to enable and unify the voice of a vast health organisation


To learn more about our work with healthcare companies, contact us.


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