The Challenge

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism retained Gong to support the country in attracting more 30-50 year-old tourists from the UK through its Feel Again Project. The global project brought together national artists who developed a work of art designed to highlight the appeal and raise the profile of Ecuador as a tourist destination. Gong was tasked with maximizing UK media engagement and coverage around the project.

The Strategy

To ensure impactful positioning we recommended a multi-tiered approach involving carefully targeted social and print media. Attracting media attention through clever writing, Ecuadorian chocolate and teasing the hashtag #allyouneedisEcuador, we then engaged key lifestyle bloggers and vloggers aimed at the correct demographic to support the campaign. We strategically placed commentary and editorial pieces from the artists along with stunning images to selected media whilst running a Stylist online competition with a trip to Ecuador as the prize. Gong also hosted a press breakfast at an authentic Ecuadorian restaurant in London to launch the project website.

The Outcome

During the short campaign period, Gong successfully supported the Ministry of Tourism in its objective to profile Ecuador as the tourist destination of choice for 30-50 year olds (tourism data yet to be released). The holiday competition and the press coverage reached approximately 19 million people.