The Challenge

The Economist sought increased interest and online conversation for its highest profile conferences to provide additional value to sponsors and business leaders speaking at the events. Gong was tasked with reinforcing the high calibre brand of Economist Conferences capable of attracting the highest level speakers, delegates and sponsors; increasing media interest and to create an online buzz on the issues raised at these conferences.

The Strategy

Gong initially supported The Economist’s marketing teams with social media strategy and implementation. This has expanded over five years into providing media relations and social media support for specific high profile conferences, 22 so far, covering retail banking, energy, natural resources, human capital, emerging markets and innovation. We have recommended promoting the use of blogs, online opinion pieces, Twitter and LinkedIn by speakers and delegates at these events to complement a broadcast media strategy. To kick-start online conversations, we created many of the talking point opportunities ahead of time and matched these to the appropriate audiences.

The Outcome

We have secured opportunities on media such as Reuters and CNN for guest speakers to contribute guest blogs; targeted the most relevant and popular specialist LinkedIn groups; seen a 400% rise in Twitter followers in the three week run up to certain events and developed comments for spokespeople to post to generate discussions around the conferences.