Gong worked with Danone and B Lab EU to create an internal learning and engagement tool to educate employees on what it means to be a B Corp.

The challenge was to create an e-learning programme, appropriate for all levels within Danone’s international company, to engage and educate employees on B Corp certification.

Gong designed six bitesize lessons covering key elements of B Corp certification. We worked with our video partners Striker to create engaging video content, coordinating interviews with key spokespeople in the B Corp movement and Danone.

Gong Creative designed the visual identity and illustrations for each lesson interaction. Working with eLearning partners, eLearning Laboratory, we brought it to life with fun and interactive lessons.

The programme was tested by 750 Danone employees in the first few weeks, before promotion began. Gong also created a global comms roll out programme for Danone, which was initiated in October 2020.

Following the successful roll out of the eLearning programme across Danone’s global team (translated into five languages), Gong also created a standardised version that could be used by all B Corps in the UK. The programme was rolled out on B Lab EU for all its members.