Maximizing returns on your corporate brand: using social media to become a market leader4 October 2013


Sarah Caddy

By 2017, more than 3.6 billion people will be online, representing 48 percent of the world’s projected population.

Innovations, hatched in the minds of tech savvy innovators are now deployed by businesses as the marketing norm. But implementing a robust social media strategy demands not only preparation, but also constantly fresh and interesting content. It’s a long term relationship, not just a quick fling.

Knowing this, the time-poor private equity industry has been – in the main – slow to capitalize on social media’s potential within their online strategy. That is not to say there is no interest; a recent survey has shown that over a third of EMPEA members have corporate Twitter accounts. It’s just that few actually use them.

The following article outlines how a few select social media channels can be employed to maximize the effectiveness of brand and IR commitments.

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