If you would like some inspiration when it comes to naming a new venture and a brand identity that will project professionalism, we can help. Or we can refresh your existing logo and revisit your corporate purpose to sharpen your focus.

We work with first-time and serial entrepreneurs to launch a new business and successfully gain traction among key audiences. Here’s what they have to say:

“The return on our investment of time and PR resource has been huge. We went from virtual obscurity to being on the radar of every VC and advisor within a couple of months” – John Paleomylites, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Beathatquote.com

“To reach our target audience, we’ve had to really punch above our weight. Gong has delivered the holy grail in terms of media coverage that makes a measurable difference to the development of an early stage company” – Adam Sodowick, Entrepreneur, Fifty Lessons and True Office


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