Corporate brands should tell a story which engages staff, customers and shareholders on an emotional level. But like all stories, brands need structure and direction. At Gong Communications, we understand that brands are not a single entity. It’s your interactions with investors, a comment on twitter, an advert – hundreds of daily touch points. We’ll assess how to tailor and add value to your stakeholder engagement; we’ll help you develop a clear vision that can be easily translated across your organisation. We’ll help make your brand sing best for each audience.
Employee engagement
In times of rapid growth, crisis, turnaround, mergers and acquisitions or the rollout of a new CEO strategy, communicating with your people is critical, but often not the first priority. An organisation’s most effective ambassadors are its people. If they live the brand and values, it creates a tangible competitive advantage. This is particularly true of businesses that have a clearly articulated purpose. Gong’s employee engagement and internal communications work is multi-award winning. We use the same creativity and approach to internal audiences as we do to external, using a mix of platforms to engage and inspire.
We can help if you need to:
  • Understand the perception of your brand among multiple audiences
  • Verbalise your brand and values to stakeholders
  • Prepare for a corporate milestone with stakeholder and employee engagement
  • Roll out communications across various channels to multiple stakeholders
  • Negotiate partner and co-branding opportunities
  • Target prospects or influencers in your sector
  • Launch new products
  • Drive customer numbers
  • Break a high-profile story
  • Network or reward customers or shareholders

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