As public pressure mounts on producers to cut the use of visible causes of waste, as well as answering questions about the presence of waste in the natural environment, the sector has been catapulted into the spotlight. Whilst the causes and effects of waste are clear to see, the complexity of the challenges surrounding effective waste management and bigger-picture factors associated with waste generation (e.g. growing food demand, increasing urban populations, a disposable consumer culture, limited public funding) are less understood. These aren’t just mainstream issues, but factors where there are information gaps throughout complex B2B supply chains.

Gong can help companies throughout waste supply chains – from waste management companies, consultancies, engineering firms to tech providers – who are striving to educate, engage and provide solutions to create a world where the world’s resources are maximised and managed effectively.

We can help companies to highlight their innovations and progress to solving waste issues, to position them as authorities on key waste-related issues, to manage reputational risk through issues and crisis management, support general stakeholder relations and engage employees across diverse and multiple operations.


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