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by Rachel Eaton, lead designer, Gong Communications

You’ve just spent the last six months creating your fantastic looking new website and now it’s finally live, you might think the work’s over. Sorry, but it’s not! Even after launching, to be truly safe and effective platforms, websites need some ongoing TLC.

With technology continually changing, your new website is in constant need of being updated and maintained, otherwise it could suddenly stop working or encounter problems that might disrupt your business.

As we know, prevention is better than the cure, and having a pro-active maintenance plan that includes the elements below, could save you money and time in the long run.


Thousands of websites are hacked each day. Most sites are hacked just for the thrill of knowing it can be done. And it’s not just the big or high-profile businesses that need to be careful, it’s the small ones too. In fact, small business websites are often targeted because they are small and often less likely to be secure.

As part of our maintenance package, we will ensure your website and servers are updated and using the current and correct software to protect your website against any security threats.


In most cases, we will be able to protect your website from any security threats. However, in the rare occasion we can’t, our maintenance package will allow regular back ups of your website. This will allow us to restore your website quickly if anything does go wrong.


In a fast-paced world nobody has time to sit and watch a page load. Website speed plays a crucial role in a website users experience and could potentially lose you business if it’s not up to speed.

Many issues can cause your website to slow down, from browser and software capability to your hosting server. As part of our maintenance package we will repeatedly check the speed of your website and fix any issues when needed.


Updates to browsers and CMS platforms can have a massive impact on your website if you do not carry out the correct updates. WordPress, for example, is constantly adding new features, which could make your site easier to use, faster or more responsive. However, if the updates are not made it can cause parts of your website to break. Plus, without regular updates, your website is prone to security threats.

Within the maintenance package we will perform any updates to your website as and when is needed to ensure security, speed and functionality is not effected.


It is important that your website is accessible for your users at all times. Users that cannot access your website will often go somewhere else and could lose you business. Our maintenance package offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure any downtime (a site that is down or inaccessible) is reported and acted on immediately.

A common misconception of maintenance contracts is that they are too expensive and not necessary. In reality, it is cheaper and quicker to regularly make small updates than it is to make bigger, time-sensitive amendments when something goes massively wrong.

Contact us for prices and more information on our maintenance packages.


Even the most time poor executive will find space to attend a well designed and executed event if it helps build or maintain networks and the content is inspiring and worthwhile. Our track record includes developing formats for award winning events spanning internal audiences and public launches. From insurance to retailing, private equity to professional development, presidential inaugurations to flash mobs, we can help devise and execute a memorable event.



Print publications are on the wane, as digital and social media on mobile devices expand to fill every need. It’s not easy to stay on top of the changing media landscape, let alone maintain the necessary relationships.
Working with a professional PR team will ensure that your media communications are of the highest international standards, and that they hit their mark.



If you are in crisis and looking for assistance, we can advise on stakeholder communications and media strategy, setting up your frontline press office to filter calls and monitor coverage.

If you anticipate there may be trouble ahead, we can help scenario plan, train spokespeople and provide counsel on the best line of response.

Our team’s experience has been honed on a global stage dealing with issues that include mergers & acquisitions, short sellers, product recalls, unions, NGOs and government enquiries.


Standing up for and standing out for something is a useful way to position your organisation. Having your own data naturally lends more authority. We very often help clients brainstorm what they want to ‘own’ in terms of issues and devise the appropriate research to support it. We can scope the project and find a research partner or pull together a project team to capture, interpret and present the data.



A well crafted video is a powerful way to get your message across. With some careful production planning, your film can be edited to different lengths to be used effectively on different platforms. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a standout investor presentation, or to take your employee engagement to another level, we can help. Our expert teams can operate as easily in Lagos or Kampala as London or New York.



A well produced business book still has the effect of conferring authority on the author, especially when it comes from a respected publishing house and is reviewed in major media. Finding the inspirational spark, the right co-writer (or ghost) and engaging with the right publisher takes time and expertise. Getting the book in front of the right people pre-and post launch to ensure it makes its mark is also crucial for a successful project.